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Offering the highest quality artisan and batik clothing

The Sweater Venture was born of an interest in learning about and appreciating the customs, cultures and values in some of the many diverse communities that exist around the world.

Now, more then 35 years later, with many of those far corners now so much closer, The Sweater Venture tries to hold on to its core values as tightly as ever. That means working as closely and fairly as possible with the many artisans whose work contributes to our collections. To that end we return to Ecuador, Bolivia and Nepal among other destinations regularly where we work directly and in cooperation with knitters, yarn dyers, yarn spinners, weavers, jewelry makers, mask carvers, instrument makers and others to create the collections you will see here.

As you wander through the pages of this website we hope that you will take the time to appreciate how making products by hand can lend authenticity, uniqueness and character to a finished product. It also means that while some pieces are readily available others are one-of-a-kind or limited in their production.

While our website allows us to share our work with the entire world we are proud to be based out of a warm, comfortable and, we hope, welcoming, retail location in East Greenbush, NY, just outside of Albany. Named Marketplace at The Sweater Venture this location allows us to complement our own works with other product offerings, like shoes, that our customers enjoy and pair nicely with our existing lines. Some of those related products can also be found on this site.

If you wish to learn more about our interactions around the world, about our products or anything else related to our work or travels please contact us at your convenience. And thank you all for your many years of support and encouragement which has allowed us to continue our work. Enjoy!