Wild Woolie Birdhouse
Snowfox Fleece Lined Flap Cap
Angie Doubleknit Zip
Snowflake Ski Cap
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Working around the world one stitch at a time

Marketplace at the Sweater Venture has arrived! We have changed our store name to better reflect what we do. While sweaters are our specialty we offer so much more. Please stop in and see all we have to offer. There is much more in store than on this site. The Sweater Venture was born of an interest in learning about and appreciating the customs, cultures and values of societies different from ours in far away corners of the world. Now, many years later, with all those far away corners so much closer, we try to hold on to those core values. To us, this translates to working as directly as possible with the many artisans whose work contributes to our collections. It also means paying fair wages and promoting healthy, safe working conditions. The pieces we produce and market are not made in sweatshops or by [...] Keep Reading for more information about Sweater Venture